12 Best Life Insurance Companies for Marijuana Use

Are you looking for the best life insurance companies for marijuana use?

Many marijuana users are nervous about applying for life insurance because they use cannabis.

You don’t have to be concerned anymore because we can help.

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Quick Tip:  If you use marijuana less than 3 times per week, view rates now by using the Instant Quotes form on this page.  Enter your information; Select “NO” for smoker and “Regular Plus” for health class.  Scroll down to the rate for “Prudential”.  This will give you an idea of cost.

Here at Marcan Insurance, we specialize in knowing which life insurance companies are marijuana-friendly companies.

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Keep in mind that there are still numerous life insurers which will decline any person who uses marijuana. However, there are a handful of companies that will readily approve marijuana users for life insurance.

We can find you the best life insurance companies for marijuana users for the following situations:

• You smoke recreationally

• You have a medical marijuana card, or

• You work in the marijuana industry

How Life Insurance Companies View Marijuana Use

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The key when buying life insurance is to apply with the one company that will offer the best health rating for your policy. Best health rating means you pay the lowest price.

The first thing we must emphasize is that you must always be completely upfront about your marijuana use. All life insurance companies have ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to lying about any aspect of drug use.

If you only smoke a couple times per month or smoke 2 or more joints per day then say so. If you have a medical marijuana card, you have to admit this fact and explain the reason why you are being treated.

Even marijuana friendly life insurance companies may decline your application if they catch you lying about your cannabis use.

The second point is that any and all information you divulge about marijuana use during any stage of the life insurance process is completely confidential.

The information you provide is fully protected by the HIPPA laws (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996). These laws are rigorously enforced by the U.S. Office of Civil Rights which guarantees the “privacy of individually identifiable health information.” This includes law enforcement agencies, your employer or your spouse.

Life Insurance Approval and the Medical Exam

Most marijuana users will likely want to apply for a standard life insurance policy. You might want either a Term or a Permanent life insurance policy. Any of these policies will require that you undergo a medical exam.

Most marijuana friendly life insurers have taken the underwriting approach that equates marijuana in the same manner they underwrite tobacco smokers. You can still find the best life insurance for marijuana users despite the smoking aspect.


If you use marijuana edibles, tinctures or vape, most life insurers will still categorize you as a tobacco smoker. However, our marijuana-friendly life insurance companies will offer a nonsmoker rate if you haven’t used cigarettes in at least 12 months.

The medical exam consists of a questionnaire and includes both a blood and urine test. The active chemical in marijuana is THC. Although it metabolizes, THC can remain in a urine sample for 4 weeks or even longer. The rare sample has been detected for as long as 90 days.

Frequent marijuana users will most likely be considered for smokers’ rates. Many marijuana users will likely be approved for a “standard rating.”

However, there are some marijuana friendly companies which may even give you a “Preferred Best – Non Smoking” or “Preferred – Non –Smoking” rate. These are the 2 best rates you can get.

To be approved for a non-smoking rate, you would have to fall into the “occasional user” category (less than 3 times per week) or have a medical marijuana card.

The cost for having a rating as a “Smoker” versus a “Non – Smoker’s” life insurance policy can be 3 – 5 Times more for a premium.

Whether you only smoke infrequently or regularly, Marcan Insurance can find you the lowest rates.

Life Insurance and Medical Marijuana Underwriting

Finding the best life insurance for marijuana users with a medical marijuana card, you might face an additional underwriting challenge. The reason is due to the medical condition for which you receiving treatment.

Keep in that not all medical conditions are underwritten the same. How you are rated will depend on whether the medical condition is likely to reduce your life expectancy.

If you are using medical marijuana for a minor condition such as anxiety, a sleep disorder, then this will likely have no impact on what you pay. You may still qualify for the best rating and could even qualify for “Non-Smoking Rates.”

A more serious pre-existing medical condition will depend on the overall diagnosis and prognosis of the condition. However, every marijuana friendly life insurance company has different underwriting criteria for individual medical conditions.

Some serious medical conditions may cause you to be declined for a standard life insurance policy altogether.

Don’t despair because there is another approach in finding the best life insurance for marijuana users. There are a variety of “No – Medical” exam policies for which can give you life insurance approval.

Only an experienced independent agent such as the ones here at Marcan Insurance can help you find the most affordable policy with or without a medical marijuana card.


We will match you with the life insurer for your particular medical condition to find the lowest possible rates. If you have any questions or need some guidance feel free to call Marcan Insurance at 888-987-8447 because we can help.

Life Insurance Company Underwriting for Marijuana Industry Workers

There are now tens of thousands of workers who are employed in the legal marijuana industry. Most life insurance companies will not approve these workers for life insurance. Even though you work in a state which has approved recreational/medical marijuana, Federal law says marijuana use is still illegal.

Because there is still a legal stigma attached at the Federal level, most life insurance companies shy away from approving those who work in the state legal marijuana industry.

Even if you don’t even use marijuana, you can still be declined by many insurers simply because you are affiliated with the marijuana industry. Not only do marijuana employees need life insurance to protect their families, many cannabis business owners also need life insurance for business reasons. This includes the need for policies to cover buy/sell agreements and for key man insurance.

However, there are a handful of marijuana friendly life insurers that will approve you for a standard life insurance policy. This includes both personal and business life insurance reasons. If you do work in the marijuana industry, these marijuana friendly companies will underwrite you the same as every other American.

(Use the INSTANT QUOTES Form on this page to immediately view rates for your exact age. Rest assured these are the lowest rates available from the leading life insurance companies and there is no obligation. If you have any questions or need some guidance feel free to call Marcan Insurance. Contact us at 888-987-8447 because we can help find the best life insurance for marijuana users.)

No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

no exam life insurance for recreational marijuana users
If you don’t like needles, call us to review no exam life insurance options for marijuana users.

Many individuals are opting for no-medical life insurance as an alternative to policies which require an exam.

These policies are easy to obtain and approval can be given in less than 48 hours. Most insurers do require a brief medical questionnaire to be completed.

Whether you are a recreational user, have a medical marijuana card or work in the industry, this alternative may not be the best alternative.

Although this might appear to be an easier option, no exam life insurance policies are usually more expensive.  This is due to the convenience and the fact that the life insurance company has less information to assess the risk.

If you are young and healthy, we would recommend that you contact us first to discuss your situation. Marcan Insurance would be happy to give you quotes for both a standard term policy and a no-medical policy so you can compare the difference.

Ideally, we would only recommend no-medical policies for those who either need life insurance immediately, don’t like needles or if you have a very serious medical condition.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that no medical exam policies offer lower maximum death benefit.  The current no exam maximum benefit is $500,000.  However, you can combine multiple policies if you need coverage above $500,000.

Need more information about no exam life insurance? Call the experts at Marcan Insurance at 888-987-8447 because we can find the lowest cost no exam policies and the best life insurance for marijuana users.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Marijuana Use

Below you will find a list of 12 of the best life insurance companies for marijuana use. Some of these companies offer tobacco rates for marijuana users, but they will also be more lenient on certain health conditions. You can click on the link provided so you can learn more about that particular company in greater detail.

Our list of marijuana friendly life insurers, in no particular order, include:

1. Prudential Life Insurance – Prudential has some of the lowest cost term policies found anywhere. The company is also well known as having very lenient underwriting approaches for a variety of pre-existing medical conditions.

2. MetLife – This company has very low cost term policies and also specializes in a variety of very liberal underwriting guidelines for health issues and in other underwriting areas.

3. Foresters Financial – Foresters is a fraternal benefit society that provides unique member benefits. These include academic scholarships, financial counseling, discounted legal services and volunteering opportunities. On top of these benefits, they have a robust no-exam life insurance application with fast approval.

4. AIG Life – Also known as American General Life, this company also incorporates some distinct underwriting niches. The rates quoted for this company are also very competitive.

5. Transamerica Life Insurance – Transamerica is known to be especially lenient in its underwriting approaches for seniors. This company also offers very competitive rates for no-exam medical life insurance.

6. Banner Life – Banner life insurance excels as one of the leading companies when it comes to those with a pre-existing health condition. This also includes no-smoking rates for occasional users.

7. Lincoln National Life – Lincoln has some of the lowest prices for life insurance you can find. Coupled with offering their best health classes to recreational smokers, it’s a good choice.

8. Global Atlantic Life Insurance– Global Atlantic is one of our top picks since they will allow daily marijuana use. They are also great to use for marijuana industry business policies.

9. Protective Life – Is considered one of the leading companies providing low cost term life insurance for both genders ages 30 – 60. This company is considered especially lenient for overweight individuals.

10. Phoenix Life – Provides some very innovative term policies and no-exam coverage suitable for a variety of individual family needs. Also offers a variety of life insurance riders to enhance your overall coverage.

11. Sagicor Life – Is considered as one the industry’s leaders when it comes to no-exam life insurance. This company also has some of the fastest approval times for approving policies.

12. Fidelity Life – Provides a rapid decision approach for some very unique no-exam life insurance options. Their policies also provide distinct flexibility in how you customize your policy.

Finding Best Life Insurers for Marijuana Users

Marcan Insurance has a broad range of the most innovative life insurers for those use cannabis. Whether you use marijuana recreationally, with a marijuana medical card or work in the marijuana industry, Marcan Insurance can find the best life insurance for marijuana users. We can provide the right life insurance solution for your family.

Some of the other life insurance companies we review; not on the list above, include:

The reason we can find the best policy at the lowest prices for marijuana users is because we are independent agents. We work for you and not the life insurance company.

life insurance quote for marijuana use

Quick Tip:  If you use marijuana less than 3 times per week, view rates now by using the Instant Quotes form on this page.  Enter your information; Select “NO” for smoker and “Regular Plus” for health class.  Scroll down to the rate for “Prudential”.  This will give you an idea of cost.

Marcan Insurance specializes in finding the best life insurance for marijuana use, so call us today at 888-987-8447 if you have any questions, concerns or want to apply right now. We are on your team and will provide confidential help!