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Quick Tip:  You will not find a lower rate anywhere for the same life insurance policy than what you see in our Instant Quotes form. All life insurance rates are set by the insurance companies. No agent or website (no matter how big) gets preferential pricing. Use the Instant Quotes form on this website to view rates and rest assured you are viewing the absolute lowest rate available. This will save you time and money when shopping for life insurance.

Marcan Insurance Mission: To help marijuana users get approved for the best insurance policy at the lowest cost.

Since we are an independent life insurance agency, we have access to over 70 life insurance companies. Many agents are captive and only have access to 1 company or they may represent only a dozen companies. We represent a huge selection of life insurance companies and products so we can make sure that we match you to the best and least expensive product for your situation.

The difference when working with Marcan Insurance is the experience helping marijuana users get approved for life insurance. We also offer an unparalleled selection of companies, access to unique products and genuine service that is professional and respectful. We don’t want to just sell you a life insurance policy; we want to be your insurance agent for life.

Do you use Marijuana and need life insurance?

Cannabis life insurance
We are your advocate for life insurance approval with marijuana use.

Marcan Insurance will help you get approved for coverage at the lowest rates. Since 2009, we have worked with clients around the U.S. to help them save money on life insurance.

Curious how much life insurance costs? Check rates right now with the Instant Quotes form on this page.  Have you been declined for coverage in the past?   Call us. We have helped many clients get approved for coverage that were declined when working with other agents.

Remember that we work for you and not the insurance companies.  Getting approved for life insurance is an easy experience if you work with the experts at Marcan Insurance. If you have any questions, contact us and we will provide confidential help.

Following are some common questions and answers about cannabis and life insurance:

Will I get in trouble if I admit to marijuana use on my life insurance application?

No!  Your privacy is protected by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by Congress in 1996) privacy laws.  This information is confidential between you and the life insurance company.  If you lie on a life insurance application, that is considered fraud and may affect your life insurance payout.  To secure the lowest life insurance rates, you will need to admit to use on your application.

If you don’t want to admit to use, there are some companies that don’t ask about marijuana use.  These companies will not be the least expensive option.  If the life insurance company does not ask about marijuana use on the application, it does not need to be disclosed. Contact us to check rates and apply with one of these companies.

Can I get approved for life insurance if I use marijuana?

Yes!  The key is to apply with a marijuana-friendly life insurance company. There are over 850 life insurance companies in the U.S. and 1 of 3 outcomes will happen when you apply:

  • You will be declined for coverage.
  • You will be approved but classified as a smoker and pay smoker rates
  • You will be approved as a nonsmoker and pay the lowest rates (if you don’t smoke cigarettes).

At Marcan Insurance, we will help you apply with a marijuana-friendly life insurance company that will offer the best rate for your situation.

Life insurance has been a challenge to get if you work in the cannabis industry. We do have some companies that will approve you if you work in the marijuana industry and need life insurance. Contact us with questions or view rates immediately in the Instant Quotes form on this page.

medical cannabis life insurance
Medical Marijuana users can get approved for the best nonsmoker life insurance rates.

What if I have a Medical Marijuana Card and need life insurance?

Life insurance companies will want to know what the health issue is that you are using marijuana to treat.  If it’s a minor issue and you are otherwise healthy, then it is possible to get the best nonsmoker health class with marijuana use.  If it’s a more serious health issue, then the insurance company will rate you for that health issue and not the marijuana use.  Marcan Insurance is here to help.  Contact us to discuss your health conditions and we will advise which company will offer the best rate for your situation.

How do I comparison shop for life insurance?

I want to let you in on a secret …. The cost of life insurance is the exact same from any agent or website!  Life insurance rates are set by the insurance company and they do not offer preferential pricing to any agent or website. The key is to work with an independent agent like Marcan Insurance that represents all of the leading insurance companies.  When you check rates on our website, you are receiving the absolute lowest possible rates from the leading insurance companies.  There is no reason to visit lots of different websites hoping for a lower rate.

Can I skip the life insurance exam?

Yes.  We do have no medical exam life insurance for marijuana users available.  These will not be the least expensive policies, but are a great option if you need coverage quick or don’t like needles.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will provide the best option for your coverage.

I use marijuana and have health issues. How does this impact my life insurance?

We are experts at helping people with health issues get approved for life insurance.  Every life insurance company will offer a different rate for your coverage based on your health. The key is to talk to us about your health issues and provide as much information as possible about your condition. We will then review this information and help you apply with the one insurance company that is mostly likely to offer the lowest rate for your situation.

What life insurance company is the best for marijuana users?

There is not 1 company that will be the best or least expensive for every single person.  The cost of life insurance depends on your age and health, along with amount and duration of coverage.  There is not 1 company that is the absolute least expensive for every age and every health class.

The key to get the least expensive policy is to work with an independent life insurance agent at Marcan Insurance.  We are familiar with all the different life insurance options and which policy is best for each different situation. After we learn about your circumstances and health issues (if any), we will match you to the best life insurance company for your situation. Our goal is to help you get approved for the best and least expensive policy for your exact needs.

What is the process to buy life insurance?

  1. View Instant Quotes on our website or contact us with any questions.
  2. Start the application with us on the phone.
  3. Take your exam (if necessary).
  4. We will keep you posted during the underwriting process.
  5. When policy is approved, it will be emailed or a hard copy will be mailed (depending on the company).

The process is easy when you work with us!

Success Stories:

Following are a few examples of actual clients that we have helped:

Client A

Client A is a successful attorney in Colorado.  He was paying $7,000 for $2,000,000 of life insurance with State Farm.  Since he uses marijuana occasionally, he was paying a smoker rate with State Farm.  I was able to get him approved as a nonsmoker with an A+ rated marijuana-friendly life insurance company.  For the same $7,000 premium, he was able to get $5,000,000 of life insurance coverage and an additional 2 years of coverage. That is 250% more coverage and 2 additional years for the same price!

Client B

Client B was a veteran from Ohio.  He got a DUI 8 years ago, chews tobacco and uses marijuana.  He was declined for coverage when applying with 2 other agents.  I was able to get him approved with an A+ rated marijuana-friendly life insurance company for a 20 year term for $72/month.  Since he has 4 kids, this is incredible peace of mind for his family.

Client C

Client C is from California.  He uses medical marijuana for sleep and has no other health issues.  He had put off applying for life insurance for years. He didn’t want to deal with the marijuana issue and admit it on his life insurance application.  I guided him through the process and he was offered the best possible nonsmoker rating, which means lowest possible cost on his life insurance.  He is grateful that the process was so easy and glad to have life insurance off his to-do list.

Client D

Client D is from Tennessee and unfortunately got a DUI this year.  Every traditional life insurance company will postpone offering her coverage for 2 years or longer. She contacted another agent, but he did not have any options for her.  Luckily, we have a group term life insurance plan that she was approved for. The only requirement is that she is working 30 hours per week.  We signed her up for this policy and then will look at regular life insurance in 2 years.

Client E

Client E is from Florida and is afraid of needles. He was approved for a term life insurance policy that only has 7 yes/no questions on the application.  No exam is required for this policy and there are no questions about marijuana use on the application. This policy also provides a critical illness benefit.  If the client has a heart attack, life threatening cancer or stroke, the policy will pay him 30% of the death benefit while he living. This benefit could be invaluable to help with medical bills or a trip around the world.

I have many many more stories like these.  Don’t put off the peace of mind and financial protection that life insurance can provide. The process is easy when you work with the life insurance experts at Marcan Insurance.  Contact us with your unique circumstances and we will go to work for you.