Life Insurance Company Review
Foresters life insurance cannabis

Foresters Life Insurance & Marijuana Use [Review]

Another life insurance company has joined the small, but growing, group of cannabis-friendly options.  Most insurance companies discriminate against recreational cannabis, auto-declining all applications. It’s even worse if an applicant lies about it and the company discovers THC during the life insurance drug test.  December 2019 Update: Foresters just revised their guidelines. They will now…
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Global Atlantic life insurance review with marijuana

Global Atlantic Life Insurance & Marijuana – An In-Depth Review

Global Atlantic Life Insurance Company recently changed its underwriting guidelines for recreational cannabis use. They will allow it without penalty in certain conditions. Every single one of the cannabis-friendly life insurance companies has different underwriting guidelines for how frequently you can consume for fun without paying way too much for life insurance. Even with medical…
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lincoln national life insurance and cannabis

Lincoln National Life Insurance – Now Marijuana Friendly

We are excited to welcome Lincoln National Life Insurance Company to the fold of companies who don’t unfairly rate people for cannabis use. In this article, we will examine privacy laws, medical vs. recreational marijuana, Lincoln’s cannabis underwriting policies, and their available life insurance policies. To check life insurance rates from Lincoln, use the INSTANT…
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sagicor life insurance and cannabis

Sagicor Life Insurance and Marijuana (A Brutally Honest Review)

The good news is that Sagicor is one of a small handful of companies that will underwrite people who smoke cannabis both recreationally and for medical reasons. Sagicor Life Insurance and marijuana have had a tumultuous history, but recent changes in their underwriting guidelines are making it one of the most marijuana friendly companies available.…
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Banner Life Insurance and Marijuana – A Practical Review

Banner is one of the handful of marijuana friendly life insurance companies. Although you will find “marijuana friendly” has a fairly loose definition among life insurance companies. While Banner Life Insurance and marijuana are compatible, it depends on how frequently you smoke. Is this company right for you? We will take a look at who…
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protective life insurance and marijuana drug test

Protective Life Insurance and Marijuana-An Uncensored Review

Protective Life Insurance Company made it onto our Top 12 Marijuana Friendly Life Insurance Company List.  Although most life insurance companies will outright decline any marijuana use. Even in states where it’s perfectly legal. Protective Life Insurance and marijuana consumption merit further discussion because they have fairly stringent rules. They will not outright decline you…
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north american life insurance and marijuana drug test

North American Life Insurance and Marijuana – Great Match?

North American Life Insurance and marijuana enthusiasts can be a good match. After all, North American Life made the cut for our Top 12 Marijuana Friendly Life Insurance Companies. We will explain the reasons why North American Company is a marijuana friendly life insurer. Our review describes the life insurance products available for marijuana smokers.…
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phoenix life insurance and marijuana friendly

Phoenix Life Insurance and Marijuana – Do They Play Nice?

In our ceaseless search to find 420 friendly life insurance companies, Phoenix Life made our top 12 list. Phoenix Life insurance and marijuana have an interesting relationship. They seem to be shifting towards greater friendliness, but want to keep a conservative image at the same time. One can only assume this is because they began…
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transamerica marijuana drug test

Transamerica and Marcan Insurance [Crazy Low Rates]

Congrats! You discovered one of the few life insurance companies that is marijuana friendly. Transamerica and marijuana may not have a long history together, but it’s one of the few companies offering non-smoker rates to people who smoke for fun or relaxation. If you are simply looking for rates, use the Instant Quote tool on…
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