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Life insurance and marijuana guide

Life Insurance for Marijuana Users [Ultimate Guide]

At Marcan Insurance, we specialize in one thing: We help marijuana users get approved for life insurance at the lowest rates.  Marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level. Therefore many insurance companies do not want to have marijuana users as clients. However, there are a handful of companies that are perfectly ok with marijuana…
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Foresters life insurance cannabis

Foresters Life Insurance & Marijuana Use [Review]

Another life insurance company has joined the small, but growing, group of cannabis-friendly options.  Most insurance companies discriminate against recreational cannabis, auto-declining all applications. It’s even worse if an applicant lies about it and the company discovers THC during the life insurance drug test.  December 2019 Update: Foresters just revised their guidelines. They will now…
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how to save for retirement with a cannabis business

Tax-Free Retirement Strategy for Cannabis Business Owners

Global Atlantic just opened up their life insurance policies for owners of cannabis-related businesses. This is fantastic news because one of the best-kept secrets in tax-free retirement planning is funding your golden years through an indexed universal life policy or IUL. What Makes The Cannabis Industry Different? The insurance industry holds strong ideas about change…
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Global Atlantic life insurance review with marijuana

Global Atlantic Life Insurance & Marijuana – An In-Depth Review

Global Atlantic Life Insurance Company recently changed its underwriting guidelines for recreational cannabis use. They will allow it without penalty in certain conditions. Every single one of the cannabis-friendly life insurance companies has different underwriting guidelines for how frequently you can consume for fun without paying way too much for life insurance. Even with medical…
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marijuana confidentiality with life insurance

Protected Marijuana Confidentiality with Life Insurance

More than 40% of Americans smoke (or have tried) marijuana. Which makes it the most popular drug in the country after tobacco and alcohol. With such common use, this leads many families to wonder if they have any legal protections for marijuana confidentiality with life insurance or any other type of disclosed health information. Many…
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life insurance with recreational cannabis

How Does Marijuana Affect Life Insurance Rates? (Plus Sample Rates)

This isn’t a cut and dry question. Even marijuana-friendly life insurance companies have different approaches to both medical and recreational use.  ​Because marijuana is still illegal under Federal law, it’s near impossible for researchers to get details on the overall health benefits or detriments. ​Life insurance companies lean conservative in their views of cannabis.  Mostly…
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life insurance with medical marijuana treatment

How to Get Great Life Insurance with Cancer Using Medical Marijuana

​Cancer makes finding life insurance challenging. It can be even more worrisome if you’re using medical marijuana to help treat symptoms or side effects from other treatments. ​In the United States, roughly 1.7 million people get diagnosed with cancer each year. Plus there are over 100 different types of cancer. ​We cannot address every type…
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Life insurance HIV positive

Can You Get Life Insurance with HIV and Medical Marijuana?

Life insurance with HIV is not as difficult to get as it was decades ago. New retroviral medications allow for a much longer life expectancy. However, life insurance companies have been slow to respond to these advancements. Most life insurance companies who accept pre-existing conditions still decline HIV patients, except for a select few. The…
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life insurance for crohn's disease

Affordable Life Insurance With Crohn’s Disease Using Medical Marijuana

Despite common fears, life insurance for Crohn’s disease using medical marijuana is not a pipe dream. The health class you get for life insurance will depend on the frequency of flare ups, severity, and the age at which you were diagnosed. It’s possible to get no rating at all. Most people will get a table…
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