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lying on a life insurance application

Lying On A Life Insurance Application – What Happens?

White lies solve so many problems in life. As kids, we figure out that rather than admitting to that thing you did wrong, you can sometimes get out of trouble if you lie about it. It doesn’t work every time, but getting out of trouble 30% of the time is still better than getting in…
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life insurance health ratings

Life Insurance Health Ratings & How They Affect Price

Life insurance companies like to group people into neat little boxes. They charge each little box different rates for their life insurance policies. They call these boxes life insurance health ratings. You can also find them as life insurance rate classes or life insurance risk class.   Your health, your parents, your siblings, and your…
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how THC affects life insurance

How THC Impacts Life Insurance Rates [Definitive Guide]

The use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana is more popular than ever. More and more states have or are in the process of passing legislation which allows the legal use of either medical or recreational marijuana. The question of how THC impacts life insurance is becoming increasingly common across the nation. Yet many life…
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life insurance for smokers

Life Insurance for Smokers – Tips on Getting the Best Rates

Whether you indulge in tobacco or marijuana, finding affordable life insurance can be tricky. The good news is that unlike marijuana, you won’t be flat out declined for smoking cigarettes. Life Insurance for smokers is easier. Unfortunately, it tends to be more expensive. A lot more expensive. The good news is that nearly every life…
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medical information bureau life insurance

Does the Medical Information Bureau Save You Money?

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB Group) is a not-for-profit corporation that assists its member corporations with insurance underwriting decisions. Each member company has access to the Medical Information Bureau’s records on an individual. In return the member insurance company provides relevant information that it comes across in the underwriting process. An accurate assessment of a…
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no exam life insurance for marijuana users

No Exam Life Insurance for Marijuana Users (Instant Quotes)

Wondering about no exam life insurance for marijuana users? There are many life insurers which will automatically decline you if you use marijuana. However, there are also a handful of very friendly marijuana life insurers. Quick Tip:  To view instant life insurance quotes:  Enter your information in the Instant quotes form on this page. Rates…
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life insurance for recreational marijuana use

Life Insurance Approval For Recreational Marijuana [Instant Quotes]

Many Americans who engage in recreational marijuana use often avoid applying for life insurance. The reasons many of you do so are often based on wrong assumptions which we will address in this article. My goal is to show that all of you who engage in recreational marijuana use can find affordable life insurance rates.…
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