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cannabis vs. presciption drugs

Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs – What the studies show

We will cover the effects of marijuana vs. prescription drugs on your health, safety, and life insurance. We will also include a breakdown of medical or recreational cannabis and how to keep your family financially secure.  Let’s start.  Quick Summary With opioid overdose deaths increasing each year in the United States, doctors and patients alike…
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marijuana vs. alcohol life insurance

Marijuana vs. Alcohol – The Good, The Bad, & The Life Insurance

In this article, we’re going to look at both the upsides and downsides of marijuana vs. alcohol. We’ll also cover how consumption affects your insurance rates, depending on the frequency.  Let’s start.  Quick Summary A lot of people ask us about marijuana vs. alcohol as far as life insurance goes. As far as negative effects…
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marijuana vs tobacco long-term health

Smoking Marijuana vs. Tobacco – Short & Long Term Differences

In this article, we’re diving into smoking marijuana vs. tobacco – short and long-term effects on your health and what it means for your insurance rates.  Let’s get started.  Quick Summary The biggest problem with studying the long-term effects of marijuana smoking is scientists and doctors have often found concurrent use with cigarette smoking. Also,…
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hemp vs. cannabis differences

Hemp vs. Marijuana – The Key Botanical & Legal Differences

In this article, we will look at hemp vs. marijuana – how they’re different biologically, legally, and what it means for your life insurance.  Let’s dive in.  Quick Summary Hemp and cannabis come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa. Two common cultivars Cannabis sativa ssp sativa and Cannabis sativa ssp indica. Although these plants have…
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how long does a cannabis high last?

How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

This week, we’re going to cover the angles of the question “how long does a marijuana high last?”  We’ll touch on the amount of THC, methods of consumption, physiology, onset time, how long THC stays in your system and affects the drug test, and how to sober up quickly or extend your high.  We will…
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eating marijuana versus smoking

Eating Marijuana vs. Smoking – What’s the difference?

We’re going to cover the differences between eating marijuana vs. smoking it. This article will compare the effects on your body, the experience, side effects, life insurance, and potential adverse effects.  We’re keeping the biology/chemistry jargon to a minimum so you won’t need to recall what you learned in middle school.  Let’s dive in.  We’re…
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differences between medical and recreational cannabis

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational – Chemistry, Taxes, Regulation & More

We’re looking at medical marijuana vs. recreational, specifically significant differences in potency, sales, growing methods, legal regulation, and economics. Naturally, we’ll cover what it means for your insurance too.  Skip ahead using the table of contents below.  Let’s get started.  Quick Summary Despite continued prohibition at the federal level in the United States, cannabis used…
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benefits of quitting cannabis

What are the Benefits of Quitting Marijuana?

We will cover the benefits of quitting marijuana if you choose to change your lifestyle, including how it affects your life insurance. The article will also touch on addiction and abuse if that’s your impetus.  Here’s the thing. Regardless of how you choose to live your life, you deserve good health and respect. We’re providing…
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marijuana confidentiality with life insurance

Protected Marijuana Confidentiality with Life Insurance

More than 40% of Americans smoke (or have tried) marijuana. Which makes it the most popular drug in the country after tobacco and alcohol. With such common use, this leads many families to wonder if they have any legal protections for marijuana confidentiality with life insurance or any other type of disclosed health information. Many…
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