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Is CBD Flower Legal? Let’s Look At State & Federal Laws

In this article, we’re going to cover the question, “Is CBD flower legal?” The short answer is: federally, it’s legal. But several states have made it either illegal or a gray area. So let’s look into the details, like what differentiates CBD from THC, what CBD does, state law versus federal law, and drug testing.…
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Will Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

In this article, we’re diving into the question, “will full-spectrum CBD oil make me fail a drug test?” We’ll also look at the differences between full-spectrum CBD products and CBD isolate because that may make the difference in a drug test too. Key Points Full-spectrum CBD shouldn’t create a positive result for the presence of…
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What is the Healthiest Way to Smoke Marijuana? 

These days, it seems like there are more options to consume THC than strains of the cannabis plant. What’s the healthiest way to smoke marijuana? Everyone knows that smoking (tobacco) is bad for you. And for so long, smoking cannabis was the norm, with the occasional brownie on a special occasion. In this article, we’re…
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heavy vs regular marijuana use

What is Considered Heavy Marijuana Use?

We’re going to cover the differences between light and heavy marijuana use in terms of short-term effects, long-term effects, risk factors, and treatment options if you feel that you’re having trouble reducing the amount of cannabis consumption.  We promise to try to avoid all of the scare tactics and Negative Ned things, instead focusing on…
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cbd vs nicotine vaping

Is CBD Better than Nicotine?

In this article, we’re digging into the question, “Is CBD better than nicotine?” We’ll look at what each chemical does, the associated health risks, other side effects to consider, and other potential impacts on your life. While there are many CBD products available, we’ll be focusing on the most direct comparison between CBD e-liquid and…
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cannabis alternative

Legal Marijuana Alternatives (Both Medical and Recreational)

Legal marijuana alternatives can provide different options for different people. You might be looking for something to handle a medical condition, legal ways to get high, or more information on Delta-8. So we’ll cover all of the above.  Let’s dive in.  Quick Summary Cannabis plants produce recreational and medical marijuana. But between the risk of…
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cannabis vs. presciption drugs

Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs – What the studies show

We will cover the effects of marijuana vs. prescription drugs on your health, safety, and life insurance. We will also include a breakdown of medical or recreational cannabis and how to keep your family financially secure.  Let’s start.  Quick Summary With opioid overdose deaths increasing each year in the United States, doctors and patients alike…
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marijuana vs. alcohol life insurance

Marijuana vs. Alcohol – The Good, The Bad, & The Life Insurance

In this article, we’re going to look at both the upsides and downsides of marijuana vs. alcohol. We’ll also cover how consumption affects your insurance rates, depending on the frequency.  Let’s start.  Quick Summary A lot of people ask us about marijuana vs. alcohol as far as life insurance goes. As far as negative effects…
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marijuana vs tobacco long-term health

Smoking Marijuana vs. Tobacco – Short & Long Term Differences

In this article, we’re diving into smoking marijuana vs. tobacco – short and long-term effects on your health and what it means for your insurance rates.  Let’s get started.  Quick Summary The biggest problem with studying the long-term effects of marijuana smoking is scientists and doctors have often found concurrent use with cigarette smoking. Also,…
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