Marijuana Industry
life insurance with marijuana collabs

Finding Life Insurance with a Creative Cannabis Business

Marijuana industry collaborations (collabs) are popping up everywhere! Food, beverage, clothes – the list goes on and on. It seems like every company is jumping on this bandwagon of partnering with others to put out hyper-creative, fantastic products the bring out the best of both companies’ expertise.  The cannabis industry might be the champion of…
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how to save for retirement with a cannabis business

Tax-Free Retirement Strategy for Cannabis Business Owners

With federal regulations remaining out of sync with state repeals of prohibition, it’s tricky to find a retirement plan that doesn’t care about the fund’s source. That makes retirement options for marijuana business owners more difficult than other types of businesses.  Global Atlantic recently opened up their life insurance policies for owners of cannabis-related businesses…
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buy-sell life insurance marijuana business owner

How to Get Buy-Sell Life Insurance with a Marijuana Business

It’s dangerous to skip making a buy-sell agreement in place when you have two or more business owners. Buy-sell life insurance can help fund an extra layer of protection for your business. Why is this important? Buy-sell life insurance for both or all owners will ensure the successful transfer of ownership if one of the…
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collateral assignment of life insurance marijuana business owner

Collateral Assignment of Life Insurance Money: Cannabis Business

Whether you are a sole proprietor or have partners, the majority of lenders or investors require that you have a business loan life insurance policy in place before they approve your loan. This is commonly called collateral assignment of life insurance. Many people overlook the requirement for collateral assignment of life insurance until the last…
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key person life insurance marijuana business owner

Get Approved for Key Person Life Insurance in Cannabis Businesses

There are many vital reasons for a marijuana business owner to have key person life insurance. For just about every business, especially small and medium sized businesses in the marijuana industry, you have particularly important personnel vital to the survival of your operation. Many marijuana business owners have active or silent partners. Others depend on…
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marijuana business owner disability insurance approval

Marijuana Business Owner Disability Insurance (A Better Approach)

What will you do if you become totally disabled because of an accident or illness? What will happen to your business? Getting marijuana business owner disability insurance can be tough because of the industry. Although, it’s not impossible like some people might tell you. The problem is that most disability insurance companies will NOT consider…
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Life insurance for marijuana business employees

How to get a Good Marijuana Industry Life Insurance Policy

The unfortunate reality for the majority of legitimate marijuana industry owners and their employees is that most life insurance companies will decline marijuana industry life insurance. For all the same reasons that it’s hard to get adequate banking services. It’s easier for the insurance industry to say, “No, thanks” than to analyze or fight the…
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