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life insurance with medical marijuana treatment

How to Get Great Life Insurance with Cancer Using Medical Marijuana

​Cancer makes finding life insurance challenging. It can be even more worrisome if you’re using medical marijuana to help treat symptoms or side effects from other treatments. ​In the United States, roughly 1.7 million people get diagnosed with cancer each year. Plus there are over 100 different types of cancer. ​We cannot address every type…
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Life insurance HIV positive

Can You Get Life Insurance with HIV and Medical Marijuana?

Life insurance with HIV is not as difficult to get as it was decades ago. New retroviral medications allow for a much longer life expectancy. However, life insurance companies have been slow to respond to these advancements. Most life insurance companies who accept pre-existing conditions still decline HIV patients, except for a select few. The…
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life insurance for crohn's disease

Affordable Life Insurance With Crohn’s Disease Using Medical Marijuana

Despite common fears, life insurance for Crohn’s disease using medical marijuana is not a pipe dream. The health class you get for life insurance will depend on the frequency of flare ups, severity, and the age at which you were diagnosed. It’s possible to get no rating at all. Most people will get a table…
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Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis and medical marijuana card

Life Insurance with MS – Medical Marijuana Friendly Edition

Just because you have multiple sclerosis doesn’t mean life insurance is impossible for you. Life insurance with MS just means a few more hurdles in the research phase of the life insurance process. There are different diagnoses for MS which will impact what type of life insurance policy you can obtain. This article covers whether…
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life insurance for arthritis treated with medical cannabis

How to Get Great Life Insurance for Arthritis with Medical Marijuana Treatment

More and more people are discovering that there are particular molecular compounds found in cannabis help with medical conditions. In many cases, they’re an effective alternative to the over-prescription of opioids. Life insurance for arthritis with medical marijuana is fast becoming a non-issue for many companies. More physicians are finding that medical marijuana works well…
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get approved for life insurance with epilepsy and medical marijuana

Buying Life Insurance with Epilepsy and Cannabis Treatment

Life insurance with epilepsy and treated with medical marijuana isn’t always a challenge. In many cases, it can go smoothly. More patients are treating epilepsy with cannabis. More life insurance companies are coming to virtually ignore the medical cannabis aspect of the application. They’re more interested in the medical condition. Medical marijuana itself does not…
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Life insurance with inflammatory bowel disease and medical marijuana

How to Find Affordable Life Insurance with IBD and Medical Marijuana

Life insurance with IBD and medical marijuana is possible, although it can be tricky. It all depends on the type of inflammatory bowel disease and the severity. Don’t get discouraged, there are options for everyone. Inflammatory bowel disease makes life insurance complicated because of the varying types and severities. Treating it with medical cannabis will…
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medical marijuana for depression and anxiety

Life Insurance for Depression and Anxiety with Medical Marijuana

When beginning your search for life insurance for depression and anxiety with medical marijuana, one of the first questions is: how private is this information? Any information you give about your health is legally protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. One of the provisions is that any information you…
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How to get life insurance when you treat a sleep disorder with medical marijuana

Can You Get Life Insurance While Taking Medical Marijuana for Sleep Disorders?

70 million Americans experience a sleep disorder each year. Plus, as many as 30% of Americans will grapple with insomnia – both occasional and chronic. Did you know that there are currently 96 diagnosable sleep disorders? With a considerable number of sleep disorders affecting a significant percentage of Americans, it’s no wonder people are turning…
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