How to get life insurance when you treat a sleep disorder with medical marijuana

Can You Get Life Insurance While Taking Medical Marijuana for Sleep Disorders?

70 million Americans experience a sleep disorder each year. Plus, as many as 30% of Americans will grapple with insomnia – both occasional and chronic. Did you know that there are currently 96 diagnosable sleep disorders? With a considerable number of sleep disorders affecting a significant percentage of Americans, it’s no wonder people are turning…
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sagicor life insurance and cannabis

Sagicor Life Insurance and Marijuana (A Brutally Honest Review)

The good news is that Sagicor is one of a small handful of companies that will underwrite people who smoke cannabis both recreationally and for medical reasons. Sagicor Life Insurance and marijuana have had a tumultuous history, but recent changes in their underwriting guidelines are making it one of the most marijuana friendly companies available.…
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marijuana use and life insurance myths

11 Mistaken Beliefs About Life Insurance and Marijuana Use

The amount of misinformation floating around the internet about life insurance and marijuana use shocked us. When people call us with insurance questions, they tend to have the same reactions upon discovering baseless worries spread by rumor or old information. People (when they do reach out to us) are afraid their boss will find out,…
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edible medical marijuana

Everything You Should Know About Medical Marijuana Edibles

​Finding the right type of medical marijuana edibles can be a challenge. The edibles industry is evolving fast as more and more people move away from smoking. The choices for non-smoking methods of medical marijuana seem to be increasing every year, and currently include: ​Edibles Tinctures Sprays Pills Balms ​For this article, we’re focusing on…
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marijuana DUI

How a Marijuana DUI Affects Your Life Insurance Prices

Life insurance companies take any impaired driving charge seriously. Studies on impaired driving suggest that although cannabis affects people differently than alcohol, its effects on driving behavior can be just as detrimental. A marijuana DUI on your record will affect your life insurance rates. The question is, how much? It doesn’t matter whether marijuana is…
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beginner's guide to medical marijuana

Types of Medical Marijuana (A Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Humans have used cannabis for over 3,000 years to treat various ailments. In the 19th century, we began testing its usefulness in medicine from modern, scientific standards. This led to an examination of the types of medical marijuana and their different purposes. With prohibition and subsequent classification as a schedule 1 drug by the United…
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California medical marijuana identification card

Medical Marijuana Card in California (The New Regulations)

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in California (or the repeal of prohibition as we like to phrase it) the state is coming down hard on regulating medical marijuana. Before all the new regulations, you could get a prescription for medical marijuana as easily as a prescription for any other medication. Easier even because there…
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life insurance for marijuana users

Life Insurance for Marijuana Users (No Questions Asked)

Finding life insurance for marijuana users is still a thorny and contentious issue these days. Quite a few marijuana users including those who use for medical purposes still have concerns about their confidentiality. For those who still fear potential negative consequences, we will give alternative life insurance solutions which ask no questions about pot use.…
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life insurance with medical marijuana

How Health Conditions Treated with Marijuana Affect Life Insurance

The most important thing to know about how health conditions treated with medical marijuana affect life insurance is that life insurance companies will rate you on the health condition itself and not your use of marijuana. This article is going to look at a comprehensive list of medical conditions where you may have been prescribed…
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